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restaurant sustainable practices

The Challenges Restaurants Face in Going Green and What to Do

The transformation of the foodservice business model to incorporate restaurant sustainable practices is not simple, but momentum is making it easier and more important than ever. Using carefully established strategies have proven to both produce a profit bonus and enhance community image to operators who use them intelligently.

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energy savings

Case Study: Hotel Energy Management at the Ritz Carlton – Naples, Florida

 Click here to download a PDF version of this case study, complete with graphic analyses. PROJECT SUMMARY The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company embarked on a three year program centered on reducing energy consumption. The purpose of the program was not only to reduce the portfolio’s energy consumption and cost, but also to raise the awareness of […]

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Energy Management 101

Start discussing a technical topic and watch as people’s eyes glaze over, even if those people are fully aware that it’s something they should be paying attention to. Embarking on a path toward a more sustainable and energy efficient hotel operation qualifies as one of these ‘glazed’ subjects, so to eliminate any possibility of eyelid […]

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Ten Warnings On Hotel Energy Savings

With years of experience helping owners and operators with their hotel energy savings goals, I’ve developed a list of ten observations on various products and services that together form a broad guideline to follow when getting planning underway.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Kermit the frog gets quoted quite often for this famous line. And although there really is no other way than being green, I do sometimes identify with him quite strongly. Running sustainable lodging operations in remote destinations can be quite challenging. In 2013, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality will celebrate its 10th birthday as a hospitality management […]

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