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10 Questions to Ask Before The Next Travel Recession Strikes

A graphic of a profits chart that is up trending then takes a down turn.

Have you thought about the next travel recession or are you just enjoying the good times? Get Your Contingency Plan Ready For a Crisis We know the hotel business is cyclical, so why are we always surprised when it is upon us? How many hotel recessions have you been through? Personally, I have lost count. […]

Why Do You Need a Hotel Quality Assurance Audit?

hotel operations analysis

Engaging an experienced hospitality professional to perform a hotel quality assurance audit takes a property review a step further by not only providing the analysis, but also defining sustainable solutions.

Service, Profit or Both? It’s All About the Balance

service excellence

Hotel service excellence is an integral part of your success and it can be the differentiating factor. The point is that you can’t win with service alone; you have to get the other parts right as well. To be successful, the operator must understand his or her customer expectations, and consistently meet and exceed those expectations.

A Lodging Industry Consultant’s Nightmare

lodging industry consultant

A lodging industry consultant must show the client how you can have a positive impact on his/her business and put it in dollar terms to greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

The Four-Pillar Imperative of Hotel Positioning

Your positioning should be reflected in everything you say and do, your service standards, enhancements, resource allocation, capital decisions, sales and marketing approach, human resource policy and budgeting.

Ten Keys to Career Success

Recently I was asked to address a group of hospitality school students on the topic of career success. My career started as an assistant coffee shop manager in a hotel restaurant and ended as an Executive Vice President. My task was to explain how I made this happen. Admittedly my success was a lot about […]

Service Excellence From The Inside Out

service excellence

How do you define service excellence in your company? Here’s how you can judge if you have the right corporate culture in place to facilitate greatness. It seems like there has been a lot of chatter recently about the service priority and why service is the difference maker. Or maybe this is just my imagination […]